Founded in 1991, Piqua Press is an American Indian owned Corporation that is skillfully guided by a woman president. The word “Piqua” is a spiritual Shawnee word which means “He Who Arises From The Smoke & Ashes.”

Dedicated in bringing enlightenment to the Human Race, especially by stimulating both children and adults to be aware of the value of reading and mental/spiritual stimulation through the offering our books, stories, meditations, and visual art that will touch your lives and souls!

Intent/Purpose/Mission of Piqua Press is to reveal ancient and forgotten spiritual knowledge through Books, CD’s Meditations and Visual Art. We also wish to open up new pathways of joy, inner strength and balance through colorful/fun applications of art on various surfaces and mediums.

Chief Little Summer & Warm Night Rain
It is the Indian’s sincere prayer and desire to leave the world a better place than when he found it. We do this by challenging the dormant mentality of individuals of all ages so they can awaken to the innate awareness of who they are with the use of our Books, CD’s, Meditations and Visual Art. We wish each individual to awaken to their maximum capacity, as the depths of your minds and senses are explored and experienced!


Yours in Love and Light,
The Staff of Piqua Press Inc.