Adolescent Books

Complete, unabridged books of fun and adventure for ages 10 to 18. All Books in this category are written by Chief Little Summer & Illustrated by Warm Night Rain

* Indicates available in hard copy as a soft cover book. ALL OTHER TITLES are available as a pdf download that you can read on your computer or portable book reader, such as Kindle, Nook, etc.
Title Description Price Purchase
The Misfit* An adopted lad from the farm struggles in a city high school. A classic! $17.95

The Misfit Returns 30 years later our hero visits his hometown. A fantastic sequel! $15.95

Dealing With Life by Robin Blue Sky – 5 granddaughters, ages 12-16 visit their Indian grandmother during summer vacation. $15.95

Appearances 2 comical convicts escape jail in 1986 by using teleportation. A delightful, funny book! $15.95

Yesterday’s Child 46 vignettes of a young boy’s life during the Great Depression. $15.95

Adventure in the Bitterlost 3 eleven year olds, 2 boys & a girl, discover an ancient pyramid on an island in a forbidden lake. High adventure! $15.95

Girl of the Bitterlost A young girl from another planet is found. Magic and fun flow through this heartwarming sequel. $15.95

The Ghost Dancers of the 21st Century – Book II As reincarnated Ghost Dancers, they are expected to lead the people into a future of peace and harmony. $15.95