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About Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain

Though they both came to Florida in the mid 1970’s, they did not chance to meet until 1980. On the Aries Full Moon of 1982 they celebrated Shamballa by uniting their energies in the union of marriage. At Turtle Beach, Sarasota County, Florida, with the aid of a Notary Public – to make it legal, they married themselves in a ceremony part Shawnee and part Celestial. In the presence of a small company, they closed the event with the Ceremony of the Flame in their salute to the Full Aries Moon as it slowly dipped to the horizon over the Gulf of Mexico. And so it was, the Bond of Eternal Love was renewed once again. The Law of One unites all things in Light and Love. She migrated to the Sunshine State from Michigan, he from the holy land of Indiana. May met December in the September of his years. The vitality of her youth awakened dormant ambitions in his collective mind. Through natural curiosity and devotion to an undefined cause, she caused him to speak his thoughts, then to share his universal understanding with others via teaching and classes. Mayan CalendarThis development was not premeditated. It evolved naturally. He was born Shawnee and was elected Chief of the Hawk Clan by the unanimous vote of Winter Council of 1975. She was duly adopted into the Shawnee Nation in 1981 through Trial by Ordeal. This is a trying experience.

Self proclaimed artists and authors, they set out to share their love with the community and the world. Neither were schooled in paint brush or pen. This was seen as an asset while the desire to create compensated for the lack of formal instruction. Her art was labeled “Primitive”- a term which they chose to accept as complementary. His writings have been praised for their clarity. Classes and counseling contributed to the mountain of information boiling out of their collective minds. He who had never put pen to paper was encouraged to write a book. He did and behold, it was good!

On 8-8-’88 they bought an XL computer and set about putting the manuscript in good order. Pleased with their efforts, they sent copies and letters of inquiry to over 200 likely publishers. A few did not respond while the rest replied with their form rejections. This futile activity was pursued for over three years. Chief Little Summer & Warm Night RainDetermined that the world should not be denied the benefit of their knowledge, they formed their own Piqua Press Publishing House in 1991. (In the Shawnee language “Piqua” means: “He who arises from the smoke.”) VOLUME I of THE TEACHINGS FOR THE FOURTH DENSITY AQUARIAN was their first book. It was followed by THE MONITOR and later by the two children’s books: THE MISFIT and REFLECTIONS ON A RAINY APRIL DAY. VOLUME II of THE TEACHINGS came after that. HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON and SURVIVING THE FUTURE followed later. While these seven books were being produced these two were not idle. To date they have 20 more manuscripts ready to go to press!!

Warm Night Rain was equally proficient with her art. Acrylic to canvas produced dozens of magnificent theme paintings, many of which hang in their home today. Like his books, her paintings say something! Like so many of her generation, Warm night Rain was born to be a rebel. After decades of watching a dysfunctional system flounder on the brink of disaster, the Shawnee Warrior Chief could contain his disdain no longer. He concluded that people cling tenaciously to dangling threads of false hope in their system only because they are aware of no other viable option. Will the people abandon their death grip on their concept of commerce and government in favor of a bold new plan that will provide Economic Equality for everyone, along with the freedom to be responsible for yourself and for your environment without fear of repercussions from the rich and the powerful? These two are betting that the rank and file people will indeed do just that! The procedure is spelled out in the outline known as THE PLAN. This, like everything else on this site, is FREE to download!

Return to the Home Page and check out some of our categories. The variety of subjects in this list indicates the versatility of these two. You will be amused and amazed! The Winds of Change blow both hot and cold across the face of America and the world. A great cycle crumbles before us in its delirious dance of death. The glory of a fresh, new beginning dawns on the Aquarian horizon. Several can see this. Many can feel the presence of new hope, new potential. Then there are those who are able to see beyond the horizon and view our tomorrow’s as they could be, as they should be! Two of these prophets and visionaries are Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain!

Recent Update:

On the 15th of January 2010, during the New Moon, Chief Little Summer made his personal transition into spirit to complete his mission of service to our beloved Earth Mother. He and his mate, Warm Night Rain, are still working as a “team”…..each working in different areas of service to Earth and her people, to help make her Transition into the Love Vibration smoother.

For being our guest we say: MEGWICH! (Our Thanks!)
KIJE MANITO ADIEANAHUK PEDS! (May the Great Spirits Blessings’ be Yours!)