Beginners Books

Children’s Picture Story Books for the Beginner and up to age 10. All Books in this category are written by Chief Little Summer & Illustrated by Warm Night Rain

* Indicates available in hard copy as a soft cover book. ALL OTHER TITLES are available as a pdf download that you can read on your computer or portable book reader, such as Kindle, Nook, etc.
Title Description Price Purchase
Reflections on a Rainy April Day* An entertaining & educational conversation between a young lad and his Magical Personality. $11.95
The Evolution of a Cat Named Monkeyface The neighborhood stray cat finds a home with Little Feather and her 3 cats. $9.95
The Isle of Magnus Children visit a magical island that has unsual magical toys and children learn how to float in the air! $9.95
Nikko No-Tail The adventures of a tailless kitten, as she grows up with a little boy & a girl in a big house. In verse & rhymed. $9.95
Weiners and Marshmallows At the Story Fire, an Indian Grandfather tells three stories to his grandchildren. $9.95
The Ghost Dancers of the 21st Century – Book I The legendary Ghost dancers suddenly manifest in the youngest generation of the New Century. $9.95