Intermediate Books

For the young adults and mature teenager. All Books in this category are written by Chief Little Summer & Illustrated by Warm Night Rain

* Indicates available in hard copy as a soft cover book. ALL OTHER TITLES are available as a pdf download that you can read on your computer or portable book reader, such as Kindle, Nook, etc.
Title Description Price Purchase
The Monitor* What causes friendships to click or turn sour? 36 case histories explain these exquisite teachings. $21.95

His Only Begotten Son* A dangerous book! Read at your own risk!! $9.95

Surviving The Future* by Tekonsha, a Shawnee. A raw, earthy story, highly appealing to young adults. $17.95

Recycled by Robin Blue Sky. When your beloved pet dies, peace through understanding is achieved here. $11.95

Karma! The Jury is Still Out by Tekonsha, a Shawnee. Jurisprudence is devasted when ancient events are revealed. $16.95

Window in the Mirror To stand on the other side of the mirror & view yourself, is an experience never to be forgotten. $16.95

Be My Guest Understanding the Mystery of our CounterParts who have arrived Un-invited & Un-Announced. $17.95

Desert Seed Ancient stranded Aliens generate a New Race of Earthlings. You may be surprised at your Roots! $17.95