Native American Meditations

For Adults and Children of All Ages


We offer four Native American Meditations which provide complete mental relaxation therapy for all ages. Below is a brief description of each. For more detailed information, simply click on the image or click on the Read More link.


Children’s Meditations


“My Quiet Time”

A program designed for children ages 2 – 10.

“My Secret Source”

A program designed for children 11 – 18 and older.

My Quiet TimeMy Secret SourceBoth Programs are technically designed to service children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and other problems where a mental relaxation program would serve a great value. Schools, preschools and especially Home Schools are finding these two Programs to be of great value in enhancing the overall learning capacity in students. Parents enjoy the rewarding results. Excessive stress on a continuous basis, takes its toll quickly in children. Circumstances and adverse environment may not be possible to curtain but the child can indeed be taught how to minimize this negative impact and create a secure little world of his own through reaching inward and higher. These two Programs produce this result. Two Information-Instruction Booklets are also provided for your convenience.


Adult Meditations


“Bioway International”

BiowayA self taught, disciplined Meditation that is so-o-o-o easy to learn. It can be practiced almost anywhere and is so effective in relieving stress, anxiety and depression. The Bioway Meditation will let you get a handle on your life with its healing and mental energies. Fourteen selected books are treasures of untold wisdom, adventure and balanced inspiration. Ideal therapy for people who are, or have been, under severe stress.

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“The Kundalini Universal”

Kundalini UniversalA sophisticated, disciplined meditation for adepts, masters and their apprentices. The mechanics of this unique meditation have been simplified to the stage where anybody with intent to learn can easily grasp the procedure. An absolute must for anyone desiring to advance spiritually. Ten magnificent books containing knowledge never before present on Earth are a vital part of this one of a kind meditation.

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