Dealing With Life

Dealing WIth Life

ISBN 1-880440-10-5 Written by Robin Blue Sky and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 221 pages.

Five granddaughters from the west and from the south, ranging from 12 to 16 years in age, gather at their Indian grandmother’s family home in the ancient woods somewhere in the Ohio Valley. This annual summer visit is anxiously awaited by the girls and their grandmother alike. The rites of passage into responsible womanhood is the noble product of these spontaneous events. Learning the art of responsibility to yourself and to your Source is achieved through a variety of unusual experiences of adventure, fear, and profound understanding by girls who are to become women and how they must learn to deal with life. To survive, with your mind/body/spirit harmoniously in balance and at one with your total self, are the prime lessons the girls are eager to learn. This story has a modern day setting. The girls come to terms with drugs, sex, school, parents, relationships, death, and yes, even zits! You will be amused, titillated, and held in awe as these cousins learn the skills of dealing with life from their beloved grandmother. Dealing is a book written for girls. Preteens and early teens will use this knowledge to successfully shape their own lives and their future. Lessons that cannot be taught at home or at school are blatantly revealed in this warm, fast moving story. If you are a teenage girl or you know somebody who is, you should get this book! Rest assured, you have never seen anything like it before! The proud owner of this thriller will read it over and over again!


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