Yesterday’s Child

Yesterday's Child

ISBN 1-880440-13-X Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 182 pages.

A charming book containing 47 vignettes of a great grandfathers’ remembrance of his early childhood at the onset of the Great Depression. The life and times of children as they worked their way through the trials and tribulations that life presented to them while they grappled with the Law of Cause and Effect under uniquely unusual times. Sad, funny, naive, poignant little stories which let you realize those awesome years that molded the character of today’s older generation. Just over two pages in length, each vignette allows you to dig deeper and deeper into the true personal feelings of the youth of yesterday. These stories will grab your heart strings and you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be the wiser for it. A book for all ages. A must for every home library. As an added bonus, there is a three act stage play at the end of the book. The setting is an old time radio studio and the actors are children. This play was derived from the vignettes in the book. This play is designed and intended for the use of Middle and High Schools. This stage play is a wonderful teaching aid for any audience. Drama teachers and students please note this potential for your school and for your career. There has never been another book like this one. Forty seven vignettes, each packed with emotion! Let “YESTERDAY’S CHILD” be one of your selections.


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