“The Teachings” for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 1

The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 1

ISBN 1-880440-01-6 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 373 pages.

Are you satisfied with your spiritual prospectus? Do the ways of your predecessors leave you a bit empty, and with the feeling there is something more to be desired? Would you be content to understand the secrets of the universe? Would this fill that void in your spirit? You are familiar with physical science so how about non-physical science? Would you like to know about the Universal Laws which are the mechanics of spirituality? The unique metaphysicians Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain have written a Four Volume Set of text books, in layman terms and language, that make everything simple and easy to understand. The wheat is separated from the chaff with astounding clarity. You will get the complete story on every issue. Nothing is left to obscurity. These exciting Teachings reveal knowledge never before known on earth. You will learn the easy and safe method of the celebrated and powerful Kundalini Meditation. You can actually talk to your Soul via your Higher Self in very short order. When you conduct your life to fill the needs of your Source, your Soul, then and only the does harmony reign. You can also tap into Intelligent Infinity, which is the Universal Mind or Cosmic Consciousness, and discover for yourself the secret mysteries of the Laws of Creation. Remember, the sure fire way to relieve the stress of life is through meditation and the Kundalini Meditation is the one method used throughout the universe. Learn the workings of the Laws of Fragmentation, the Seven Densities and the Seven Planes, as you fit this knowledge into your life to make activities and relationships work for you. Light and Love are your tools. Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy have no limits. Equip yourself to attack the future with gusto! Would you like a guided tour of our Solar System? It is nothing like you have been taught but it is probably is much like you thought it ought to be. Space is teaming with life. Learn how to discover it! Volume I of The Teachings lays the firm foundation for the succeeding Volumes II, III, and IV. These books are not independent of each other. Collectively they cover every aspect of your spirituality that you can imagine. If you really wish to understand, practice, and capitalize on your own inherent spirituality then these books are a must for you! Metaphysics made clear and made simple. The beginner and the advanced student will thrive on this material. We assure you, you have never seen anything like it. . . no, not anywhere!


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