“The Teachings” for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 2

The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 2

ISBN 1-880440-04-0 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 494 pages.

It is spring, 1992. We have been under the Fourth Density Vibration for a year now. There is a tremendous resistance to this vibration of Love and Understanding. The resisting force comes from the Americas, especially the United States of America. You, our reader, are probably an American. It is not our intent to offend you, or promote ill will. It is our honor/duty to inform you and point out certain facts that have been carefully camouflaged, or disguised, by other names or deliberately hidden. As always, you, dear reader, have the Divine Free Will to accept, or reject, anything we say — for any reason you so choose. It is our honor/duty to offer information and the product of our observations, not to lead the masses in revolution. We respectfully ask that the reader be appraised of this understanding, as the variety of the materials presented unfold. Note how the rising Fourth Density Vibration enhances certain things, while other aspects of the yet Third Density are becoming more restricting, even enslaving. The conflict, the struggle, is indeed upon us. Choices have been made. The courage of our convictions is being challenged. There is no escape. May the sound vibration complexes, known as words, that we have strung together to attempt to convey a thought, bring you a peace…through understanding. The format for Volume II is the same as it was for Volume I. The Kundalini is rarely mentioned, but is expected that the reader/student will utilize this powerful meditation, as the thoughts within this book are translated into your own Mind/Body/Spirit Complex. It is absolutely mandatory that you have a firm understanding of “The Teachings” Volume I before making any valid attempt to comprehend the material contained herein. This is the second book of a Four Volume Series. Each succeeding Volume will continuously refer to its predecessors. The completed series will form a large portion of the working/teaching factor of our new Fourth Density budding civilization. The core or hub of “The Teachings” is the conscious contact with the Higher Self via the Kundalini Meditation. The succeeding Volumes, with their infinite variety of ancient wisdom/knowledge, are all spokes stemming from this Kundalini hub, reaching out to the rim of ultimate understanding of creation and basking in the Love of our One Infinite Creator as a full fledged Co-Creator. It is our fervent hope and prayer that our words permit and encourage you to learn to be, and most of all – to enjoy our Creator’s magnificent Universe!


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