“The Teachings” for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 3

The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 3

ISBN 1-880440-07-5 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 515 pages.

It must be presumed you have devoured the inner teachings of Volumes I and II of “The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian.” If this be the case, then Volume III of “The Teachings” will reveal unto you the Formula for Creation as devised by our One Infinite Creator. This formula defies sharing by the use of words. It is a divine system that you can only learn to know. It is a feeling of satisfied understanding, resulting from your Kundalini communication with your Higher Self. You have tapped into Intelligent Infinity and you are now firmly anchored to your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit, and the unlimited resources of your Social Memory Complex. Volume III is the icing on the cake. Much change lies before us. This is not the time or the place for the faint of heart. You must continue to learn to rely upon yourself. Seek your guiding counsel from your own Higher Self. Your Multidimensional Self will be increasingly active. Your confusion and indecision shall expand accordingly. The remainder of Third Density will be difficult at best. Learn to detach, as you refine your attitude concerning responsibility. Volume III of “The Teachings” bonds together the combined essence of Volumes I and II. The controversy of the fraudulent leadership of Governments, Religions, and the Lords of Commerce shall continue until the great cataclysms begin. When the three great pillars of our Culture crumble and fall, there will be anguish in the minds of men. This is the long awaited opportunity for all who are Wanderers to step forth and teach by example. The future of our Beloved Earth Mother depends upon your cool, calm, and Positive attitude.


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