“The Teachings” for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 4

The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian Volume 4

ISBN 1-880440-08-3 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 470 pages.

Volume IV of “The Teachings For the Fourth Density Aquarian” is the final book in this series. This material reflects upon our dismal past, analyses the present, and presents a clear outline of our immediate future. The Transition of our Earth Mother and the Harvest of Souls, is described in intimate detail. The precise procedure for instigating the series of events that shall produce the total cleansing effect, are revealed. The mechanics of the Positive Harvest are described, as well as the Negative Harvest. The destiny of the Un-Harvestables is outlined in a way that shall give comfort to all concerned. The magnificence of the event is presented in a sincere and Loving mood. The structure of the new Fourth Density Earth is depicted and the various stages of renewal are clarified. The efforts of MAN and the newly Positive Harvested Ones, perform the work necessary to create this glorious event. The new Earthling, dwelling in his new environment of Fourth Density Love, is monitored on a typical day. His adventures make us all anxious to participate The historical life of Easu, the Lord of the Earth is revealed for the first time since his sojourn, some 2,000 years ago. Who he really was and why he chose the incarnation, is explained. His purpose, his Mission, remains unmanifested. The two Jesus’ are clearly defined along with the accumulated effect this has had upon our past, the present, and certainly our future which is highlighted in a clarity which permits the World to understand the process called Cause and Effect. This startling eye-opener, shall cause Biblical Scholars to reconsider the accepted patterns they and their predecessors have erroneously followed for too many centuries. The life-style and Culture of the Red Race is intimately examined through a typical day, over 1,000 years or more ago, before the mass incarnation of the Laggard Souls and before the arrival of the European, 500 years ago. This revelation allows the reader to know the true Indian, as he really was before the clash of the Cultures that devastated his beingness. The Indian’s use of the eight and ninth Chakras is presented as the final Teaching. This knowledge provides instant and constant contact with the surrounding Etheric Realms, as well as a constant tap onto Intelligent Infinity. This is taught in explicit detail, as an extension of the Kundalini Meditation as taught in Volume I of “The Teachings.” “Volume IV”, like the preceding Volumes, is inter-dependent upon each of the other works. No Volume is complete within itself. The complete series must be utilized in order to grasp the total picture. Further and final clarification is achieved, as Volume IV concludes with 136 Questions and Answers. This feature has proven to be most popular with the preceding Volumes. We trust you will enjoy our final book of “The Teachings for the Fourth Density Aquarian” as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you.


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