“Economic Equality” Lecture

Economic Equality Lecture

By Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain 60 minutes.

Has the “Great Recession” put you in Lost Depression? Did the Light vanish from the end of your Tunnel? Does it seem odd to you, with hundreds of thousands of forclosures and even more job losses and with businesses going bankrupt, that the prices of goods and services do not fall, but keep rising, especially groceries? Let’s face it folks, our economic system is dead and we are whipping a dead horse. Trillions in debt is our gift to our youngest generation. We have killed their desire to leave the nest and become an adult in a world not of their making. Everything has its time and season. Death provides the fertile ground to sprout New Life. Only change can insure the survival of the species. No system can survive the test of Eternal Time. Evolution is inevitable. Let us bid our last farewell to the Republic and to Capitalism. Both have decayed from the inside and now their shell is crumbling. We have been taught that abandoning our “Traditional Way of Life” would always result in some form of dictatorship. Now we know this is propaganda set forth by some long range thinking Politicians of long ago. Come now “Economic Equality” – a prime aspect of THE PLAN. Many versions of Economic Equality have been tried in the past and none have ever worked. All were based on money. Take from the rich and distribute among the poor. Economic Equality cannot be achieved using money, but it can be accomplished using “Credits”, the PC and the Internet. These tools were never available in the past. Listen to this new CD on “Economic Equality” as Chief Little Summer & Warm Night Rain dig deep into the workings of this new and painless System. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it will be to turn the Country around into a “New Way of Life” that produces joy and happiness in a worry free Society. This is our future folks, give it you best shot – our kids are counting on all of us!


“Economic Equality” Lecture, Audio CD