The Evolution of a Cat Named Monkeyface

The Evolution of a Cat Name Monkeyface

ISBN 1-880440-18-0 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain, 42 pages.

A wonderful, warm picture story of an old cat who grew up without a home or anybody to love him. He happens across a little girl who has three cats who are her pets. She spies old Monkeyface and with the help of her three pets, she is finely able to coax the homeless one on to the back porch for food and catnip! The taming of Monkeyface is a beautiful story that allows evolution to be observed in story and in practice. The domesticated cats talk to the wild cat, each wishing they were the other. Only the advantages of both worlds are seen at first. Then the disadvantages are weighed and balanced as conclusions are drawn. THE EVOLUTION OF A CAT CALLED MONKEYFACE is a delightful instrument for teaching children the need to look at both sides of a coin before determining its’ value. This book is a wonderful tool for parents and educators. As commercial progress eliminates the supporting environment necessary for wild life to survive, the reader is guided into a position of personal opinion as to what should or should not be done. This inspires the child to begin to form concepts which will be instrumental in developing and molding their character. The teaching of the necessity for change has its beginnings with this little children’s book. Give your child a head start on life with this beautiful story about a stray cat called Monkeyface! Parents, read to your children! Start reading aloud even before they are born. This is the best gift you can give to stimulate your child’s developing mentality. Our books are designed to achieve this very goal!

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