The Ghost Dancers of the 21st Century – Book I

Weiners and Marshmallows

ISBN 1-880440-28-8 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain, 60 pages.

This picture story book was especially written for the children of the first generation of our new Twenty First Century. The contents are addressed specifically to them. The Baby Boomers are now grandparents. National News Research has revealed it is these “grandmothers” who are the ones who are teaching their grandchildren the ways and means of surviving the future in a fashion unlike anything ever before known. This is a very special camaraderie made possible by the continuing fulfillment of the “Legend of the Ghost Dancers.” These noble warriors are of the Seventh Generation and have chosen to incarnate enmasse to reshape our decaying culture and cast a bright new complexion on the face of our beloved EarthMother. Our new grandmothers are, and shall continue to guide, their grandchildren, who will set the course which will determine our destiny. In the traditional fashion of the American Indian, the grandfather relates this story to the little children sitting around the dying embers of the summer campfire. The beautiful life of the un-recorded past fills the children with happiness. The loss of the “old ways” and the tedious arrival to the present brings about gloom and despair. Now, with the knowledge they are probably incarnated Ghost Dancers, they perceive their future with glowing eagerness! As the grandfather continues his story the children begin to realize they are the first generation in recorded history who are privileged to create their own future, and not inherit it as have all the preceding generations.

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