The Isle of Magnus

Isle of Magnus

ISBN 1-880440-19-9 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain, 43 pages.

Near the South Pole, in the cold Antarctic Ocean, stands a volcano of most unusual prophetess. Magnus is a great Turtle who dwells in the warm lake in the crater of this unusual volcano. Children from all over the world come here to live and play for a little while. There are no adults in this unusual tropical paradise. Magnus is their mentor. The children learn much from him and by living in the environment of their enchanted volcano. Harmony is the goal. Living in harmony with each other and with all the plants and animals makes for fun and adventure for everyone. Peer teaching and learning is polished to a fine state. Cooperation for Love and Respect rather than for the sake of survival is one of the lessons covered. Magnus presents the children with an array of most unusual aquatic toys. To his delight, the children use the vehicles in ways where profound lessons in personal relationships are learned. When the children learn to levitate, new vistas of adventure and exploration are opened for their discovery. The latent spiritual powers, innate with all children, are gently aroused. This book, like all our children’s books, are designed to help the child (and perhaps the adult reader as well) to balance their mental/spiritual bodies with their emotional/physical bodies. Magnus accomplishes this through the teaching of positive, peer relationships. THE ISLE OF MAGNUS is a grand book for any young family and for any classroom. Be sure to include this gem on your list of choices!

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