Reflections on a Rainy April Day

Reflections on a Rainy April Day

ISBN 1-880440-02-4 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 67 pages.

It is not unusual for children to have imaginary friends. When that unseen voice is the Magical Personality, profound lessons are taught very quickly. REFLECTIONS is just such a book. A dialog between a small boy and his Magical Personality will open your mind to logical probabilities which often go overlooked. Children love this story book, parents praise it, and educators are astounded with the simplicity which great depths of understanding are achieved! If you have a pre-schooler or a child up to eight or ten years of age who is inquisitive beyond their peers, then perhaps this book will be the “key” which will keep certain doors of their mind from closing prematurely, even as our schools and our culture instruct and insist they must conform. All children are born without memory. They are born with open minds. To deliberately close certain parts of their minds to “allow the child to focus”, can be a drastic error. The Indian abandoned this practice millenniums ago. It is unnatural. With this book, REFLECTIONS, the adult can easily see how to avoid this mental disaster and still rear a very healthy child. This is a beautiful story which you and your child will cherish for the rest of your lives. Remember, as your child grows, each year this story will be remembered and evaluated more maturely. The teachings contained herein will maintain their growing effectiveness for the entire life. Good children’s books are like that!


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