His Only Begotten Son

His Only Begotten Son

ISBN 1-880440-05-9 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 153 pages.

Never lacking in courage, our authors dare to challenge age old religious concepts and stand eyeball to eyeball with the God Head itself! Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is Lucifer? Who is Lord of this earth? The faint of heart would never dare to ask such questions! In this book you will find the answers. Who is the Jew? Who is the Christian? These answers are there also. As would be expected, some are offended by this revelation while others are greatly relieved by the clarification. Thoughts privately held secret by so many for so long, are now in print for all to see. The ramifications of unorthodox thinking no longer holds any fear. The realization that we have been played for dupes for so long, fills the hearts of many with righteous anger, while others go limp at the news. Stubborn pride is challenged. If you consider yourself to be a brave person with an open mind, then perhaps you owe it to yourself to read these words of ancient wisdom which prevailed for millenniums B.C. There is no malice portrayed in this little book. No philosophy is being exploited to benefit another. No sides are taken at all! You, the reader, are free to evaluate the information and apply it to your life and circumstances as you see fit. Be forewarned. . . this is a dangerous book!


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