The Monitor

The Monitor

ISBN 1-880440-06-7 Written by Chief Little Summer and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 437 pages.

Did you know that your soul goes through various stages of development? This means that all souls are not the same age. Some souls are older and much more developed than others. Since we, the personalities, who represent our souls, all have different age souls, then we the people are not all born equal. There are five major categories of soul levels which are indigenous to the human experience. Your current status is determined by the variety of the total experience that you have been able to gather for yourself and for your soul. Since souls are eternal, it therefore figures that we have lived before. It would take many past lives to experience the various facets of any given catalyst. The purpose of life is for the experience of the thing. People come and go. Experiences are gathered and passed along to their soul. The eternal soul prospers with these accumulated experiences which spark the soul’s evolution. “Karma” is the instrument your soul uses to guide you into situations where you will be obliged to deal with certain lessons which you have somehow managed to escape during a past life. If all this sounds “right” to you, yet you are unable to find a comfortable place for it in your mind, then you really need to read THE MONITOR. If this makes no sense to you or you are simply not interested, then your accumulated experiences are probably too few to matter in your current stage of development, and you are not yet ready for this material. Soul Levels, Past Lives, and Karma, are all explained in easy to understand terms. Then, to illustrate how to apply this knowledge, there are 36 case histories (short stories) to graphically explain the complex workings of your relationship with your own soul. This knowledge may also be applied with family and other personal relationships. Understanding greases the wheels of harmony. THE MONITOR will fill you with enlightenment! If you plan on growing spiritually in this lifetime, then this book is a must for you! You will not find this information in any other book, not anywhere!


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