Surviving the Future

Surviving the Future

ISBN 1-880440-09-1 Written by Tekonsha and Illustrated by Warm Night Rain 231 pages.

A gripping novel of suspense, wit, and humor, as America ventures forth into her unexpected and unknown future. Follow the lives of Chad and his bi-sexual wife Desiree, as they adjust and evolve into America’s first fifty years devoid of Governments, Commerce, and Religions – as we know them today. What do we do when the three pillars of our culture collapse? We better have a plan of alternative action. SURVIVING THE FUTURE provides just such a Plan. Chad and Desiree take us through their personal life while the changing times dramatically effect their struggle to survive in a civilized state. Economic Equality – can we handle such a system? Perhaps the “isms” we have practiced and occasionally fought wars to defeat, have left us hopelessly biased. Could you accept change to our historical way of life? Do you suppose your friends could? See for yourself what it could be like, and perhaps what it should be like, in our new millennium. Is our country too big? Should it be divided up into smaller, self governing nations? Read about it. Perhaps this is an idea whose time has come! Can you imagine a society where no one works to live but rather lives to work? A society where ample income is equally issued, but not earned? Where people are free to work at jobs they enjoy and excel rather than jobs that pay the most money? Can you really imagine a culture where there is no crime because there is no incentive or profit in it? Would you feel comfortable in a society where you can readily afford to be generous with your time and talent? This is not utopia! This is simply the environment that civilized Man finds himself, when he is ready to grow up and assume the responsibilities for himself and for his environment! It can be done! We can do it! Watch how Chad and Desiree, and the American people, re-invent themselves like modern pioneers as a brand new culture emerges from the ashes of yesterdays mistakes. Witness the excitement of growing into a new beginning embraced by an eager people determined to create a future for themselves and their children. Will America be the chosen one to lead the way? The prophet and master storyteller, Tekonsha, says it is our destiny! This book could alter the course of history. The season is upon us, this is a product of our times. If you have ever wondered what a Master Visionary envisions, read SURVIVING THE FUTURE, by Tekonsha!


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