Native American Meditations

“Bio-Way International”

A program designed for adults and advanced teens.



Even if you do not have a mental problem your mental attitude will improve dramatically. The peace and self confidence that comes with an organized mind is fantastic! Your long and short term memory will noticeably improve. Your creative talents will take on a new luster. As you practice your mind becomes better organized each day. With this new balance to your life you will experience more joy and happiness as you learn to take this illusion of life less seriously. You lighten your load be it real or imagined. In so doing you become more responsible in your relationships as well as in your work. When the “upside” of an event is examined thoroughly the “downside” becomes less significant and more manageable. Depression is minimized. Medicines are often reduced or eliminated altogether. Worry is stabilized at a healthy level. Some worry can be useful you know. Stress is reduced to a nuisance rather than an accepted way of life. The “Bio-Way Meditation” will stabilize your emotions. This is most important in establishing and maintaining compatible relationships on an intimate level as well as with your co-workers on the job. Your mate will appreciate the “new you” and the shared benefits will be reciprocal. Meditation is the tool that will bring to you the happiness that has heretofore been so illusive. Emotions have a direct effect on your ability to communicate with others. A kind and gentle attitude based on genuine sincerity will take you far. Learn to accept and deal with life and enjoy the challenging opportunities it affords. Simply tolerating life, expressing little hope for improvement, is one step short of stagnation. “Bio-Way” will let you get a full grasp of yourself and open your eyes and mind to the variety of every day catalysts so that you can pick and choose with the security of innate wisdom.

Priorities in your life are very essential but, what are they and how does one ever get them in the right order? Certainly no one can tell you, so how do you ever know? You meditate. You get real still on the inside and stop talking to yourself. Then you listen . . . just listen. Intuitively a thought, an idea never known before by you, will surely pop into your brain. It may be a clear and total thought or it may be just a rough outline intended for you to think about and develop yourself. The point being: you will get your answers. This works!

You are encouraged to Read the Books found on your CD. They are in a PDF format and can be easily read on your PC. Along with your “Bio-Way Meditation”, these books are especially designed and written to stimulate your thinking modes in directions which you would never dream possible. One of the major purposes of “Bio-Way” is to arouse and expand your learning capacity. Conventional sources of learning are not to be ignored, but abstract material should be, and must be, included in your curriculum of knowledge.
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In a word: STRESS! The stress in our daily lives is unbearable and even unimaginable only a few years ago. The toll it takes on the quality of our lives is immeasurable and there are no signs of it abating in the future.
Stress adversely affects our physical health, our mental health, it upsets our emotions and tends to negate our spirituality. Everybody has got a problem. The insecurity of our lives compounds as it adds to the stress factor in our daily living. Stress cannot be overcome but it can be controlled. The “Bio-Way Meditation” along with a healthy dose of humor and understanding as found in the selected books supplied with this meditation package, turns the mountains of stress and depression into mole hills of little consequence. It is for the security of this relief that you should meditate and read on a regular basis, preferably daily. You owe this to yourself and you must realize and accept the proposition that you are indeed worth it!

Over burdening stress has become and is, the major instigator of mental and physical problems with all people of all ages. The catalysts vary, but the ration in all ages remains high. The pace of life has grown too swift for anybody to reap, and perhaps enjoy, the learning and growing benefits of their catalysts. Hindsight has become our only useful tool to justify our understanding of the things that are happening to us. The over use of hindsight robs our power of foresight, which clouds our purpose in life as we gaze into a foggy future.

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The “Bio-Way International Meditation” has been carefully designed to meet the needs of today’s adults, both men and women. It is a simple program of visualization and reading and it is very easy to follow. Patterned after traditional practices of the Native American, “Bio-Way” has became the answer to the personal problems profoundly affecting the people of our hectic culture. Indian people did not have books, or “talking leaves” as they later called them. Family and historical knowledge was passed on in the form of story-telling around the campfire at night. Just as the little children had their special stories, the adults also had traditional stories which they related to each other. These stories, some fact, some fiction, were designed to spur the young mind into imagining things which would aid in developing their creativity and stabilizing their emotions during times of stress and sudden adjustments that life has to offer.

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“Bio-Way Meditation” will expand your thinking process as it focuses your emotions, even the pent up negative emotions that continue to fester under the bushel where you have been hiding them. These special books will nurture your brain and bring to you a stabilized balance to enhance your overall character. Complete the program! Give yourself a break! Read these Books!!


All Meditations are delivered on a CD that you can load into your computer and download and print the books and files. Any single Native American Meditation is $75.00. You can purchase any TWO Meditations for $125.00, a savings of $25.00. Purchase any THREE Meditations for $175.00, a savings of $50.00. You can also purchase all FOUR Meditations for $250.00, a savings of $50.00.