Native American Meditations

“Kundalini Universal”

A sophisticated, disciplined meditation for adepts, masters and their apprentices.

Kundalini Universal


The theme of this meditation is: How to prepare yourself for the rising vibrations of the Fourth Density and the Harvest of Souls. You will learn the proper use of the “Kundalini” so that you might consciously contact your Higher Self and thusly penetrate Intelligent Infinity. You will learn how to use the Light – the ultimate gift of the Creator, and how to apply Love – as it relates to Karma and Reincarnation. This instruction teaches explicitly the “how to” of awakening that Divine Energy that is inherent in all life, the “Kundalini.” When employed properly, this greatest of all energies is completely safe, even for those encumbered in the human body. Knowledge of the Chakras (the body’s energy centers) is incorporated in this technique. It is our intent to teach you the “Kundalini Meditation.” Using this tool, you will be able to have conscious communication with our own Higher Self. This unique rapport permits an understanding of self, of other selves, and the mechanics of Creation. To our knowledge we are the only ones in this hemisphere, perhaps in the world, who teach the “Kundalini” so explicitly and simply. This is permissible only because the end of the Third Density Cycle is so near. This awareness enriches our lives so that we might appreciate this illusion, which we call reality, to its’ fullest. As actors/actresses on the stage of life, we are thusly permitted this unique opportunity to offer this magnificent experience to the coffers of your Soul.


Using the “Kundalini”, to make conscious contact with your Higher-Self, is a tremendous asset in discovering who you really are and what your life is all about. This is the Path of the Masters. What are the advantages of mastering the use of the “Kundalini”? THE most important thing is of course the contacting of your Higher Self on a conscious basis. This literally opens doors you would not dare to imagine. Not in your wildest dreams! The Physical Universe and the Etheric Universes are yours to explore. The penetrating of Intelligent Infinity opens the doors to all knowledge. There are other advantages also. This is an ideal time for “Soul Travel” or for “Teleportation”; for “Telekinesis” and for various forms of “Psychokinesis”, etc. These are tools of MAN. Humans do not have sufficient awareness to realize that they even exist.

In the New Age of MAN, which you are to become, the tools of ESP and PK are the way of life. Now is the time for you to become aware of these things, and to have some knowledge as how to use them. If you are destined to be MAN, and you are, now or later, then mastering the “Kundalini” is a must; because there is no other way. As you begin to unravel that great mystery of who you are, as you begin your journey inward in your search, you are complemented by the rising vibrations of your beloved Earth Mother. As the Earths’ vibrations rise, (as do your own,) she enters into an era far more beautiful and lovely than she has ever experienced before. The beauty, the serenity, the peace, the justice, is far greater than your human experience can imagine. Your inner beauty shall indeed prevail, as you seek onward in the discovery of self and of your Source. “The Kundalini Universal” is the ultimate in meditation. Where else can you converse with the link to your Soul, your own Higher Self, at any time or at any place of your choosing? Who knows more about you or cares more about you than does your own Higher Self? It doesn’t get any better than this! This discipline that you have now learned is the only form of meditation practiced throughout the Universe. Prepare yourself with the ultimate in tools to successfully meet your destiny, your future.


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