Native American Meditations

“My Quiet Time”

A program designed for children ages 2 – 10.

My Quiet Time“My Quiet Time” is an exciting new program that is bringing outstanding results to the children of our homogenous culture. Ancient in concept, unique in 21st century design, “My Quiet Time Program” addresses the stressful issues of the hectic pace of today’s living style via the psychology of the individual child, employing a 2 Part process. Visualization and Reading are the two elements which are skillfully blended to make an enjoyable program for both children and their parents.

Raise your child’s IQ by 3 to 5 points in 9 -12 months by using the “Quiet Time Meditation.” Developed from the ageless custom of American Indians, Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain have brought to the world a gift which will give to our children an equal start in life. No longer will our kids enter into adulthood burdened with the trauma of their youth. As any adult knows, the mysteries of life are learned from the quiet contact with ones’ Inner Self. Personality of character, through the “My Quiet Time” Program, can now emerge at a very early age. No other form of meditation for children has ever made this possible. Prepare yourself for a simple program unlike anything you have ever seen before!


Meditation relieves/controls STRESS in adults. Adult versions of meditation have never worked in children. “My Quiet Time” is a completely NEW form of undisciplined meditation. No unwanted side effects are possible. “My Quiet Time” is a modern and efficient concept of an ancient American Indian practice. You have never seen anything like this, unless you are a 400 year old Indian! Kids love it! They can easily develop an early addiction to reading and books. Unique envisioning technique that thrills the little ones. Special stories stimulate a wholesome imagination. Teach kids to help themselves. They’ll be here after we’re gone. This is their first master step in self reliance and independence. Learning is enhanced, memory is expanded, application becomes practical. A one time process that lasts the lifetime. The program has been researched and adapted to fit today’s life-style.


All Meditations are delivered on a CD that you can load into your computer and download and print the books and files. Any single Native American Meditation is $75.00. You can purchase any TWO Meditations for $125.00, a savings of $25.00. Purchase any THREE Meditations for $175.00, a savings of $50.00. You can also purchase all FOUR Meditations for $250.00, a savings of $50.00.