Native American Meditations

“My Secret Source”

A program designed for children 11 – 18 and older.

My Secret Source


The eternal question that burns in the minds of all teens: What shall I be when I grow up? You have your dreams and you are entitled to them. Being realistic, you know the odds of actually being able to achieve them are seldom in your favor. The odds will shift to your advantage when you learn to meditate. This is due to your greater understanding of yourself and of the vocation or subject of your desire. Knowledge or education is a wonderful thing and as you well know, you will not be able to amount to much without it. However, do be aware it is your imagination that is the impetus which propels you through life. Did you know that? Albert Einstein said something to this effect many years ago. “My Secret Source” will not only stimulate your imagination, it will also introduce a strong dose of practicality which will make your otherwise dumb ideas work! Other people will think you are a bit smarter than you really are. You need to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can. “My Secret Source” has many other uses as well.


By keeping this Bubble of Green around you at all times, you are dwelling in the vibration of Love. Others who enter your aura will also be influenced by this concentrated and abundant Love Energy. Those who already like you will be favorably impressed, though they probably wont know why. Those who do not like you will suddenly find they have changed their mind about things when they get close to you. Do make this dome of Green Ray Energy as large as possible, several feet in diameter if you can. Plants, animals, and people will all feel a bit better if you do. If you are alone, like in a car, or are in the company of peers who also practice “My Secret Source” Meditation, you should use the chant. This exercise will have an immediate calming effect on you and for those who can also hear it. Sometimes this chant can make a big difference when you are confronting the unknown. The “My Secret Source” Meditation and its parts are Tools for you to freely use regularly and in emergencies. Always use the Green Ray – you can’t go wrong with Love! In the “My Secret Source” Meditation only the Green Ray Chakra is activated. Reference to the other six Energy Centers is presented to attract an interest at a later time, if the personality is so inclined.
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“My Secret Source” was designed to be self taught. This sparks the feeling of independence right from the start. Among other things you will learn about your seven Energy Centers, which are often referred to as Chakras, and how to align and balance them. This will make you healthy and keep you that way. You will learn how to attract and use the “Green Ray” of Etheric Light to further heal yourself in specific areas. You will be shown how this vibration of pure Love can open “doors” in your mind to bring about a greater attention span, greater memory, along with a pronounced ability to apply new found knowledge to achieve practical solutions to problems. This is a fantastic asset which will reflect directly upon your school grades! Your young brain is a delicate organ filled with unlimited potential. Reservoirs in your brain are being filled with your school studies. This is good. According to ancient and traditional Indian customs, it was also quite necessary for the youth to be presented with certain stories, usually told around the evening campfire, which would inspire thinking along lines and in directions that daily life seldom included. These stories in their natural form are not available nor would they be practical in today’s culture. This does not mean that a vital portion of the program is lost. Books, all on a CD, have been written especially for this purpose to provide the stimulus to expand and extend the range of your mind beyond the conventional limits of the school systems. As a telescope will allow you to see the furthest star, the “Laka Hola” Meditation will let you examine the furthest thought hidden in the dim corners of your mind. Your creative and gifted talents will shine beyond your wildest dreams! Read these books and see for yourself!

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Many of you who are now embarking on this “My Secret Source” (Laka-Hola), teenage meditation, have already been using “My Quiet Time” (Laka-Dula) Mental Relaxation Therapy for beginners. With or without this prior experience you will find this advanced Meditation to be personally rewarding as well as being a very useful tool in helping you deal with life as you prepare for adulthood. Unlike “My Quiet Time,” “My Secret Source” is a disciplined meditation though it does not contain the critical discipline of the “Kundalini Meditation” used by advanced students and adults. However, it is indeed an excellent vehicle to prepare you for the ultimate in Meditation: the “Kundalini Ritual.”[/suffusion-column]


All Meditations are delivered on a CD that you can load into your computer and download and print the books and files. Any single Native American Meditation is $75.00. You can purchase any TWO Meditations for $125.00, a savings of $25.00. Purchase any THREE Meditations for $175.00, a savings of $50.00. You can also purchase all FOUR Meditations for $250.00, a savings of $50.00.