“To Create A Mighty Civilization In This Galaxy On A Speck Of Dust Called Planet Earth.”



Revolution With A Destiny. Economic Equality Via The Credit System
as envisioned by Chief Little Summer & Warm Night Rain

Revolution for the sake of revolution is an exercise in futility. Never in the history of our world has there been a revolution that had a good, solid, working plan for a system to replace the vacuum created by the demise of the previous tyranny. Even the great American Revolution had only a concept of an idea in which to focus its’ future. It was, and still is, a hodge podge of piecemeal emergency ideas intended to satisfy current and random discrepancies. The Constitution was formed on amendments that have continued to be forth coming, and along with a myriad of laws intended to define what the previous generation of Politicians actually meant and intended.

History reveals it hasn’t worked. Common sense tells us it can never be revised, implemented or improved to the point where it ever will work. The American Capitalistic System is a vehicle designed to ruin a great people, while systematically rendering our nation, the hemisphere, the world, uninhabitable.

Many Americans, as well as citizens of the world, are ready and anxious to replace this travesty upon the human experience with a system inclined to promote the evolution of the human race – with peace, security, dignity and an inherited pride to pass on to our children. No revolution in our planet’s history had such a plan before discontent forced bellicose action. Revolution does indeed produce change. The great change eventually results in another form of the same thing, which inspired the revolution in the first place. The news is the same – it is now happening to different people – there is no real difference.

Why is this always the case? Because the System always remains intact. Elections are a form of revolution. Through their meaningless votes, the people support the Republicans or the Democrats. Each party vehemently supporting their distortion of their interpretation of The System. Politicians come and politicians go, while the embattled System enjoys immortality. Why? Because there has never before been a new and different System presented to the people as a free choice option!

The “isms” have all been tried. None have worked. Hindsight reveals they were all another version of the same thing. The nucleus which supports all “isms” has the undying support of all peoples. Why? What is that common denominator that is intricately threaded through the heart of any “new version” of Government currently on the market?

It is the Savior System! People everywhere want to be taken care of. People will do anything to avoid assuming responsibility for themselves. Religions have taught this. Governments have capitalized upon it. Commerce enslaves us all by deploying it. The people’s beliefs in the Savior System are so strong, they are willing to do anything to preserve it. Myth though it is, no sacrifice is too great to keep this fantasy alive. There exists that undying hope/belief that somebody, in the guise of a Savior, will eventually come along and save us from the fate of our future. Meanwhile, we continue down the well trod path of degeneration in a world rapidly becoming unsupportive of life.

Fixing The Current System
It can’t be done. Scrap it. Start over – afresh.
The New System

The three pillars of our culture – religions, governments and commerce, all embrace a form of “The Savior System,” which is, in every case, a common denominator of its’ own. This power that fuels all ambitions is called: Money. The lust for money inspires all peoples to do things which are not always in the best interests of the welfare of the people and to the preservation of our only home – planet Earth. The acquisition of money becomes everyone’s personal Savior.
Money is what makes the world go around. Around and around, as it spirals us down into even greater depths of despair. No one ever has enough money to be comfortable for very long. A fickle Savior is this medium of exchange. The acquisition of money excuses any action. Life is not for the joy of living on the gentle flow of evolution through enlightenment. No, life is survival through the competition for the Savior called money. It is this concept which generates our ever tightening spiral into the depths of oblivion.

Are the people strong enough to survive the reversal of this spiral? Centuries of dedicated futility has now placed us on the threshold of urgent, dramatic change. The solution is not a new kind of money, issued by a government or by a banking institution. Money, in all its forms, must be abandoned, completely!

This void must be filled immediately. Chaos is not the goal. A new System, carrying a new concept, shall be waiting in the wings. Enter now the “The Credit System” – for want of a better name. In the spotlight at center stage, The Credit System announces its own birth into the Space Age Revolution.

What are these “Credits?” Are they used like money as units of exchange? No, they are not like money. Yes, they are units of exchange. Credits are unique. They do not physically exist. Therefore they do not look like anything at all.

Credits are issued – not earned. So who issues them? A computer, every month. Who operates the computer? The people via referendum. The Internet can handle this chore quite nicely.

Unlike money, Credits are personalized – your monthly allotment of Credits has your name on them. They cannot be lost, strayed or stolen. Nor can they be accumulated. April Credits cannot be spent in May. Surplus Credits cannot be transferred to another person or institution.

Unlike money, Credits are designated for specific purposes. The computer will not allow the rent Credits to be spent on anything but your rent. Food Credits will only buy food. Beer Credits will only buy beer. Ample monthly Credits for all needs will be automatically issued monthly. By referendum vote, the people shall select an appropriate figure for the computers to use. This can be amended if need be.

One may barter or steal another’s monthly purchases, but they must be used, for they cannot be resold – no Credits are designated for such purposes. No Credits are designated for drugs. Drug related crimes cease immediately. Ninety nine percent of all forms of money related crimes instantly cease. Taxes, medical bills, utility bills, all expenses, are automatically paid each month via the computer. Never again will there be a tax form or a bill to deal with!

Who determines who gets how many Credits? Everyone gets exactly the same allotment. The day old baby pays his/her own bills at the hospital, just as the 106 year old pays his/her own bills at the nursing home.

This is Economic Equality – for everyone. This is the revolution. This is the new concept. This is different. The world has never before known anything like this.

Additional Credits, up to 25% of the monthly allotment, can be earned by working. These earned Credits may be applied to any category of the worker’s choice. The nature of the job would determine the number of Credits earned. Education would enhance the earning capacity. Certain endeavors could earn more than the 25% top. These additional Credits would be forfeited in order to preserve the Economic Equality Standard for all.

No one works for a living. This concept is dead. One works because one wants to work and enjoys doing that kind of a job. Workaholics and shiftless bums we have with us always. No longer would governments need to create jobs so certain peoples can make a living. Our shiftless ones would no longer “be in the way” of conscientious, productive dedicated workers. And the drones would not be on relief, at the expense of the worker bees.

The need for all forms of government would be downsized, minimized and made all but extinct. People would vote on all issues via their home computer and the people could correct any wrong virtually overnight if they so chose. Bureaucrats would disappear instantly. Lawyers would be nonexistent. Law enforcement would be out by 90%. Courts are obsolete – issues are decided by what the people feel is right considering the circumstances, via their computer from the home. Never again will we be a Nation of laws – produced by lawyers/politicians for the benefit of their own kind.

After the shock of dramatic change has been accepted, the future for ourselves and for posterity is fantastically unlimited. People would retreat from the cities back to the country and nature. The good old days of a simple life with security would be restored. One would have time to do the things he/she always wanted to do. Freedom from fear breeds an atmosphere which would produce freedom from want. Driving a horse and buggy, with a laptop computer by your side, could be the contrast of our future.

This is our option: The Credit System – Economic Equality, which the American People must/need be aware of, before they elect to plunge deeper into the abyss of bloated government and commerce by extermination. It is time for the people to rise up and declare responsibility for themselves. We must become our own Savior!


The once great Nation known as the United States of America shall, by the consenting will of the people, divide into five separate and independent Nations. Their boundaries shall be such that will allow each sovereign Nation access to an ocean or a gulf.

Each Nation shall embrace their version of the “Credit System” providing each citizen the joy and security of experiencing Economic Equality. People choosing to live in a geographic section shall have control over their own affairs, while not being lawfully influenced by those who live thousands of miles away.

Forms of rail transportation on elevated tracks shall dominate the developing Nations. Needless industry shall close their polluting doors with no negative impact upon the people since no one works for a profit any more. National resources shall gradually restore themselves, even as the buffalo returns.

At the birth of their second child, the mother shall be rendered sterile. The father, whoever he may be, shall be attended to likewise. Through the guidance of their parents, children pay their own way with equal allotment of Credits.

Competition in all physical forms shall be greatly reduced or even abolished. Individual mental competition shall be encouraged. Mental aptitude/maturity will be the only mode of discrimination. Economic Equality surrenders all other conveyances of class discrimination as being neutral.


It is imperative this Plan, accepted or amended, be placed before the American People as an option, as they freely choose their own destiny. The rich and the powerful shall oppose it, as would be expected. The Plan eliminates all losers. The individual has complete control over his/her own destiny. Souls rejoice, while the rich lament. The burden of the financial responsibility to support governments and institutions is transformed into the joy of being free to be permitted to assume responsibility for self and for our environment – as you deem it to be.

The state of evolution of the space age human race demands the plan be accepted. The only alternative is to continue to be herded down our current dismal path of frustration into stagnation and eventual oblivion, while our Souls weep.


Publisher’s note: A futuristic historical prophecy of life in North America immediately after the “Revolution” and for half a century thereafter, can be found in the enlightening and entertaining novel “SURVIVING THE FUTURE” By Tekonsha. A glimpse of what life could be like as The Plan is painfully installed in the hearts and minds of the American people. A must on your reading list.



as envisioned by
Chief Little Summer &Warm Night Rain

Article I
Land – Properties

  1. There will be no private ownership of land/real estate.
    1. All land shall become public domain.
      1. Land may be leased\rented by individuals.
      2. Structures are maintained by renter.
  2. Current owners/buyers of property shall not forfeit their home.
    1. Said properties may be inherited by the surviving spouse of that same generation.
    2. Land\properties may not be inherited by children of succeeding generations.
  3. Landlords currently engaged in renting/leasing properties may continue to do so at the rate per person to be decided.
    1. 50% of monthly revenue must be spent on maintenance.
      1. Failure to perform within 3 months will result in forfeiture of said properties.
    2. Landlord may receive up to 10% of total personal allotment for his reward for work.
      1. Balance percent is awarded to the state for the express purpose of community maintenance.
  4. Renter may construct new or renovate old structures to enhance his productivity and service.
    1. Approval by community counsel.
    2. Project funded by 40% community fund.
    3. The people of the community own all properties.
      1. By referendum or by representation decisions are made.

Article II

  1. The National Counsel shall create a network of elevated railway systems which shall be the prime mover of goods and people across the Nation.
    1. The monorail shall be of prime consideration.
      1. The assemblage shall be no less than 30 feet above natural terrain.
      2. Cantilever arms shall support the rail around mountain sides.
      3. Animal traffic shall not be compromised by railway construction.
      4. When traversing woodlands, the lowest hanging member shall be a minimum of 10 feet above the tallest tree.
        1. Topping trees to meet the specifications shall result in punishment at the discretion of the local populace.
  2. Elevated stations shall be constructed to accommodate the trains, passengers and cargo.
    1. Elevators shall service the loading platform.
  3. Small trucks and buses may be employed for local delivery.
    1. Maintenance of hard surface roads outside the business destined of a community is prohibited.
    2. The use of the automobile is discouraged. All internal combustion engines is discouraged.
  4. The use of horses and wagons to transport people and cargo within a community is encouraged.
    1. Private ownership of horses and carriages is encouraged.
  5. Bicycles are extremely encouraged.
  6. Inter urban roads (existing) are reserved for farm use only.
    1. Bicycles, horses and buggies welcome.

Rural Migration

  1. When feasible, migration from the cities to rural areas is encouraged.
    1. Self supporting rural life-style shall be the ambition of our youth.

Article III

  1. Any male or female may produce no more than 2 live births.
    1. Upon the birth of the second child, the male and/or female is appropriately neutered.
      1. Births associated with previous partners are counted.
      2. Multiple births demand instant neutering of both parents.
        1. Failure of new born to survive a live birth does not make the exception.
    2. Using their allotment of credits, new born babies shall pay all of their birthing expenses, medical, hospital, etc. via their own thumbprint.
      1. Parent(s) shall never be liable for any expense contracted by their offspring.

Article IV

  1. Education of the children shall be in the home and/or in small community/neighborhood gatherings.
    1. Professional teachers may receive up to 10% above the personal monthly allotment of credits.
    2. 30 to 50 teachers of excellent high caliber shall be selected from the Nation.
      1. These teachers shall produce video tapes of themselves in the art of teaching their subject.
        1. These tapes and video equipment shall be made available to all homes, with or without children.
    3. Classes shall be held at the convenience of the parents or children.
    4. Grades, completion or graduation shall not exist.
      1. Attendance is recommended but never required.
      2. Students may advance at their own pace.
      3. Tutoring is favored.
    5. Competition in any form is discouraged.
      1. Personal standards are set by the developing individual.
  2. All primary and secondary school houses and buildings shall be abandoned to more productive uses – such as insane asylums.
    1. The public financed support is permanently finished.
  3. Colleges and Universities shall be downsized to the area of subjects of their renowned specialty.
    1. Other by-product educational activities shall be left to video instruction.
    2. Competitive sports shall be gradually abandoned.
      1. Community teams within a community shall be tolerated.

Article V

  1. It shall be the prerogative of the employer to examine the perspective employee of his/her academic qualifications to qualify for the position applied for.
    1. These tests are not standard and are peculiar to the needs of the employer.
      1. Any comparison of employees tests is invalid.
  2. The employer shall be entitled to collect a profit adequately enough to allow his business to grow and prosper.
    1. Excess profit shall be held in reserve for future needs.
    2. The employees personal monthly credit income may be increased 15% – 25% depending upon the priority of the product being created.
  3. The employee/worker shall be compensated up to 25% of the universal monthly allotment of Credits depending upon his/her skill and the priority nature of the service rendered.
    1. Earned credits may be directed to any category of the worker’s choice.
      1. The rewards for qualifying oneself and working are indeed great.
  4. Self-employment, family business and community endeavors are encouraged.
    1. Large industrial giants shall be prohibited.
  5. Maintenance/repair work shall be encouraged. New construction on a personal level shall be prohibited.

Article VI

  1. Insurance policies and Insurance companies shall not exist.
    1. In the event of fire or natural disaster, homes would be rebuilt from credits from the general fund. This supply is inexhaustible.
      1. The public at large owns all structures and properties.

Article VII
Medical Care

  1. An ample monthly allotment is designated for medical care.
    1. Fees are standard. Cannot be altered.
    2. Credits cannot be accumulated.
      1. Medical credits cannot be spent on other things.
      2. Credits allotted by the medical profession must be justified by the National computer and sanctioned by the patient.
      3. Medical care qualified to exceed the monthly allotment is unlimited.
  2. Qualified Doctors would receive up to 25% of regular monthly credit allotment in wages for services rendered.
    1. Lesser qualified medical personnel would be paid accordingly.

Article VIII

  1. Representative Capitalistic Governments will become instantly extinct. Compromise with the Credit System is not compatible.
    1. All Governments will be reduced by 95%, while some will become extinct.
    2. Referendum via the computer/Internet shall govern.
      1. A small staff to monitor and program computers is needed.
      2. No candidates, no elections, no political parties, no republic.
    3. Any citizen may submit a proposal via computer network.
      1. Local; State; National.
    4. Favorable vote of 61.8% majority rules.
      1. Rules/Laws passed/repealed via computer (PHI) network.

Article IX

  1. Since 95% of all crime is money related and since there is no money and since crimes of passion cannot be Police prevented, the existence of any form of law enforcement agency on any level would be ludicrous.
    1. Fear of Government would be eliminated from the minds of men.
    2. National wars would be obsolete since no authority exists to sponsor them.

Article X

  1. Since there are rules and no enforceable laws, the jurisprudence system would forever be abolished.
    1. A budding civilized people would be no longer retarded by lawyers and complex laws.
    2. Misconduct would be attended to at the local level by the attitude of the community and/or the whim of the victim.
      1. Any action by the victim or his representative shall be deemed appropriate and dutifully honored by the community.
    3. The offended party states his case locally on the computer network.
      1. Interested parties may speak, pro or con.
      2. Victim assesses info and elects his course of action, if any.
        1. Recruitment of physical support to intimidate shall be considered a threat to the entire community, warranting extermination.

Article XI

  1. Jails would be opened and their Inmates forced to leave the premises – never to be opened again.
    1. Money oriented crimes could not be recommitted on the Credit System.
    2. Antisocial behavioral people would no longer be protected by the penal system and would be forced to face the citizenry they offended.

Article XII

  1. All forms of taxation shall forever be extinct.
    1. Local state of national domestic projects, agreed upon by the 61.8% majority of the citizenry shall be funded by credits accumulated in the General Fund and as needed, a per capita quota agreed upon by popular referendum vote.
    2. Local projects are funded from the local reserve.
      1. No volunteers allowed on projects. All participants must receive credit compensation.
        1. No future obligation may be contracted.

Article XIII

  1. Benefits in all forms for all purposes are obsolete.
    1. The allotment of monthly credits is ample to satisfy any persons need regardless of age or circumstances.
    2. The Credit System disallows the need for any form of welfare. Economic Equality prevails.

Article XIV
Utility Bills

  1. Utility Bills are paid automatically at a fixed fee that is standard for everyone.
    1. Meters are installed and read electronically.
      1. If allotment is exceeded, the service is shut down until the end of the month.
    2. Utility company has guaranteed fixed monthly income.
      1. Surplus revenue must be used to enhance the service and maintenance thereof.
      2. No profits are derived or distributed.
        1. Utility workers are paid 15% above standard monthly allotment of credits.

Article XV

  1. Any citizen may draw his monthly allotment of a commodity and use that article in any way he/she deems fit.
    1. Including trading any unwanted article to another in exchange for goods/services.
    2. Designated credits will purchase only the goods/articles/services so designated.
      1. Any attempt to alter the spirit of the Credit System by promoting personal gain to thwart Economic Equality shall be met with instant Punishment at the discretion of the local populace.

Article XVI
Natural Disasters

  1. A three year supply of food and articles shall be kept on reserve in the event of disasters.
    1. Food and other articles refreshed annually on a first in – first out basis.
    2. Local reserves governed by the community.
      1. A goal of independence/self sufficiency is achieved.

Article XVII
Wildlife and Natural Resources

  1. The preservation and protection of all plant and animals in their natural state is mandatory for all citizens.
    1. Wild plant and animals may be taken for a family’s immediate and emergency use to sustain survival.
    2. Wildlife (as opposed to domestic) products may never be used to barter in trade for any man-made item.
      1. Wildlife products may be presented as a gift to a neighbor in dire need of sustenance.
    3. Nature crafts are encouraged to be used and taught.
    4. Wild plants and animals use of the land shall take precedence over the desires of humans.
    5. Marauding wild animals may be fenced out of domestic agricultural activities.
      1. No plant or animal may be willfully destroyed for the sake of domestic and private concerns.
        1. The citizens use of deadly force to protect personal interests on public land is prohibited.

Publisher’s Note:
These articles are designed & intended to clarify the Spirit of The Plan. They may be modified, deleted, or added to, as the will of the people deem necessary.


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