“Kundalini” Workshop

Kundalini Workshop

By Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain 72 minutes.

Conduct your own Kundalini Workshop by simply playing two CD’s! You can be the facilitator while Chief Little Summer does all the work. Comfortably assemble your guests, we suggest $20.00 per person, make sure everybody has visited the bathroom, and turn on your CD Player. Chief Little Summer thoroughly explains the procedure, provides “practice runs” with a live audience, and carefully takes your students through the process of correctly and safely, raising and lowering their own Kundalini Energy. Your students will become absorbed into the audience heard on the CD’s. The Chief’s technique is perfect. No one could make a better presentation. After your students have lowered their Kundalini Energy, allow enough time for them to get their wits together before you send them home. Your job is as wonderful and as easy as that! Remember to tell your group about the four volume series of: “THE TEACHINGS FOR THE FOURTH DENSITY AQUARIAN” by Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain. These text books were written with the intention of being used with the Kundalini Energy up. Each chapter begins with the raising of the readers own Kundalini.


“Kundalini” Workshop, Double Audio CD